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I can turn your name into something else

April 28, 2011

Hi guys! I’ve set up this blog due to a Facebook interest in a theme I’ve been working in lately-tentatively labeled ‘name art’.

How it works:

First, after some one has requested I draw off of their name, I write it on a sheet and photograph it:


After that, I just freehandedly go crazy until I come up with something I think looks relatively cool:


Then I photograph the final product, upload it and digitally color it.

Because of the incredible amount of cool feedback and number of requests-and each drawing taking about an hour or two, I’ve decided to start charging a minimal fee. For ten dollars, you get a very large jpg file emailed to you of the final product.

Please email me at if you have any questions.


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  1. This is cool!

  2. Briann permalink


    I would like two make 2 requests! Please do one for Trey and one for Lucy… I want something cool to hang in their room over their beds. Thank you! ❤

    Btw, this one for Jaime is fantastic. That one and the Jeff one are perfection!

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